Progress since 1 January 2019

📚 Books read: 0/20

👾 Game completion: 0%

💪 Body fat: 22% -> 15%

👨‍💻 Blogs posted: 1/20

🎓 Courses completed: 2/10

🥘 Recipes learnt: 3/20

This will be my first, honest to Odin attempt at setting and seeing-through new year's resolutions.

I've never been a fan of setting arbitrary goals for the sake of a tradition occurring on the arbitrary event of the Earth (almost) completing another revolution around Sol.

My personal degree

I've also decided to curate my own "degree" that is adjusted to the content that interests me and to the aptitudes and skills I'd like to enhance and acquire respectively.

Topic Textbook(s) Other resources
Quantum Computing 1. Quantum Computation and Quantum Information (Chuang & Nielsen)
Quantum Cryptography - 1. QuCryptoX Lecture Notes
Homomorphic Encryption 1. Homomorphic Encryption and Applications, Xun Yi et al.
1. Microsoft SEAL
2. OpenMined
3. HElib
4. Various papers/articles on HE.
Quantum Field Theory 1. The Quantum Theory of Fields: Volume 1 (Weinberg)
General Relativity 1. A First Course in General Relativity (Schutz)
Machine Learning 1. Deep Learning Book (Goodfellow et al.)
2. Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective (Murphy)
Mathematical Methods 1. Advanced Lienar Algebra (Roman)
Data Structures & Algorithms 1. The Algorithm Design Manual (Skiena)
Theoretical Computer Science 1. Category Theory for Programmers (Milewski)
2. Computational Complexity: A Modern Approach (Barak & Arora)
Programming Language Theory 1. Practical Foundations for Programming Languages (Harper)
Japanese Language

Languages to improve proficiency in

Language Resources
Rust The Book (re-read)
Effective Go
Swift The Swift Programming Language Book (re-read) Advanced Swift
Data Structures & Algorithms
Kotlin Coroutines
GDScript Overview
Haskell LYAH